Blackout 10.14.14

This outfit makes me happy because it’s all black. That sounds morbid and weird but black literally goes with everything…even black. Also having a black dress and blazer in your wardrobe is SO essential. Not only do they go together, but they go with a million other things. Blazers can go with anything from jeans to dress pants and black dresses can be dressed up or down. If you don’t feel like making an entire outfit…throw on a black dress and you have an easy fix. Dresses and blazers are easy to travel with and always look effortlessly put together. I put mine with a choker necklace and booties but they can go hundreds of different ways 🙂






Tomboy meets Tomgirl 9.25.14

Hi 🙂 this look is something I got inspiration from by looking at other blogs. The shirt is thrifted and I cut the bottom because it was way too long. The velvet skirt is something I’ve had for a few years. I recently thrifted the boots as well, which you can dress those up or down. I like the color of the boots because they go with a lot and can be the center of an entire look. Putting girly pieces with something more masculine is really fun too because you can add tons of accessories. Sometimes putting a whole look together can be challenging but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to make due with what you have in your closet!





Faux Fur For Fall 9.15.14

This black vest is something I found digging in a thrift store this summer. I thought I could add it to my wardrobe for fall and winter to not only keep me warm, but to layer. I put a sheer lace top under it but you could always do a warm sweater or even something hooded. The shorts make it a little more fall but when it gets colder, jeans or leggings would be cute too. Adding a piece like this to my closet was fun and contributes to my love of fake fur 🙂




80s and a bold lip 9.3.14

Good afternoon/morning/night…whenever you choose to read this 🙂 This week I pulled out an old sweatshirt of my moms from the 80s. She ordered it from Cosmo Magazine when she was about my age! It was in a chest in her closet full of keepsakes and I had to have it. I paired it with tattered jeans and my checkered vans I got as a gift from my best friend Abbie. I tied a flannel around my waist and thought it needed a little more…so I added a bold lip. The bold lip then inspired me to put giant hoops and a necklace on and somehow it all works! I like putting casual things, like my moms sweatshirt, with something fancy like this crystal necklace. It gives an outfit character and makes it so unique. Play with your clothes and don’t abide by rules 🙂





My favorite mom jeans 8.25.24

Tonight I’m featuring my light washed “mom jeans” I got from Goodwill. I love these jeans because they have so much character…they’re baggy but not too baggy, high waisted, and of course they’re thrifted. Searching through jeans at thrift places can be exhausting but when you come across a great pair it’s like finding an actual treasure. I actually had my Nonnie sew on a button for me because when I bought them for a whopping four bucks, they had no button. Have fun with your jeans and don’t let the term “mom jeans” scare you away. If you love them rock them! I got the top when I was in Paris this spring and the belt is from a little vintage shop. Also, I chopped my hair off last week so that’s new too 💋💋💋💋





LPD (little pink dress) 8.14.14

Tonight I’m featuring my newest online splurge…the little pink slip dress. I’m obsessed with this dress because it’s sexy but can be tamed if needed. I paired it with a fur vest I got at a vintage shop last week. The shoes I also die for…all nine inches of them. The dress is also not something you can really wear by itself…so the fur vest or even a leather jacket would be perfect! Sexy silk things are my new obsession and I want to find more pieces here and there so stay tuned!!

Slip dress and shoes: Nasty Gal | vest: vintage





It’s all black and white 8.11.14

So I’ve been slacking lately because I’ve been super busy turning 21 and all (my birthday was Wednesday 😊). This was sort of a combo of outfits I wore over the last week. I like it because it’s casual with the flat boots but throw on heels and earrings and it becomes an outfit for going out. I recently got the gingham vest at a vintage shop and the top is also a vintage piece. I mixed the two pieces with tights I made myself last year, and before I knew it I had a whole outfit. I love the idea of making things yourself so these tights are something I really like. You could pair them with a skirt or even wear them with a short dress. The vest could also go over a dress or even a long sleeved top. I like the idea that it’s black and white too because those are my colors 🙂 Mix in the pop of turquoise jewelry and you have a vintage but fresh look all in one!

Top and vest: vintage| boots: H&M | tights: homemade| jewelry: free people




Girly Neutrals 8.4.14

This weekend I went to a huge yard sale I heard about in Carmel. I saw a flyer for it while eating at a crepe restaurant at keystone at the crossing. A woman purging her closet was getting rid of clothes she couldn’t wear anymore, so I jumped on the opportunity to grab pieces for a good price. She had everything from Banana Republic to Gap…each piece for $5! The top I’m wearing was thrifted from the sale and I love the nude color of it. I also took the pants from literally the back of my closet…I’ve had them for over 5 years and I don’t even remember where they are from. The jacket is fairly new but all paired together it sort of just goes. I also really like the idea of a monochromatic outfit for summer.

Top: thrifted| jacket and shoes: H&M| sunnies: fossil





It started with a top 7.31.14

So I love this outfit because it’s versatile…you can add and remove pieces and it still looks cool. I started with the vintage lace top and built from there, adding the red denim and jewelry. You could literally wear just the top and shorts and it would be a basic sleek sort of look. You have to be careful with black and red because it has the potential to look loud/tacky but a pop of color into a neutral outfit is always perfect.

Top: vintage|Shorts and jacket: H&M|Boots: Steve Madden|Jewelry:Free People and Nordstrom|Sunnies: vintage